jackarrington asked:

So what happens when someone finds out their pansexual when their still a virgin. ^-^

pansexualfacts answered:

Fact: In Pansexual Society, virginity is meaningless. Whether someone has slept with no one or whether someone is literally a walking sex organ, it is irrelevant as they are treated with the same level of respect. However, when someone finds out that they are pansexual when they are still a cheesecake virgin (that is, they have never eaten a piece of cheesecake), their eyes will roll back into their heads and every piece of cheesecake within a 20 mile radius will automatically be attracted to them, and they will eat every piece as an initiation ceremony.



what if you are actually lactose intolerant and can’t eat cheesecake

will lactose-free cheesecake migrate to you?

Indeed. Due to the lack (pun intended) of lactose-free cheesecake, the radius will be increased to 200 miles for a better chance of maximum cheesecakkiness.